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Reconditioning, TÜV checks and filling of pressurized gas cylinders:

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icon 1TÜV checks of pressurized gas cylinders and pressurized containers:
Disassembly, preparation, and execution and documentation of the TÜV test, in collaboration with the North Rhine--Westphalia TÜV, for

  • Cartridges and propellant cylinders for rechargeable powder fire extinguishers

  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

  • Cylinders for industrial gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, etc.)

  • Tanks for diving and gas cylinders for mechanical ventilators

  • Pressurized containers for permanent-pressure fire extinguishers

  • Pressurized containers for movable fire-fighting equipment (P 50, P 250)

icon 2Stripping and lacquering of pressurized gas cylinders:

  • Removal of existing coatings without taking down the base metal

  • High-quality new coating conforming to our internal quality standards (2K acrylic paints) or to your own specifications

icon 3 Repair and reconditioning of pressurized gas cylinders:

  • Servicing of valves

  • Internal cleaning of pressurized gas cylinders

  • Repairs to composite pressurized gas cylinders in the case of damage to the lamination

icon 4 Charging of pressurized gas cylinders:
Decanting pure gaseous media or gas mixtures

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) for use in drinks, for technical applications and as an extinguishing agent in movable and fixed fire extinguishers and fire fighting systems

  • Nitrogen (N2) as propellant and for technical applications

  • Argon (Ar)as an extinguishing agent and as buffer gas for shielded arc welding

  • Oxygen (O2) of medical quality for inhalation or for technical applications

  • Respiratory air for diving tanks or protective ventilators

  • Gases for diving (mixtures of N2 /O2 in various concentrations)

Valves and valve protection devices for pressurized gas cylinders:
Valves for all sorts of gases, feedpipes, valve cages and covers

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Pressurized gas cylinders:
For carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and industrial gases

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Testing equipment, tools and appliances for servicing fire extinguishers:
Scales, test pressure gauges and test instruments, keys, test connections

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Consumables, spares and accessories for use in servicing fire extinguishers:
Labels, stickers, fire protection and emergency signs, first aid dispensers

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Tools and accessories for maintenance work on wall hydrants:
Test instruments, tools, stickers and servicing confirmation labels

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Accessories for testing smoke and heat venting plant:
One-way carbondioxide cartridges and glass containers for sprinklers

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Powder aspirators:
Models in Junior, Compakt, Power, and Big ranges, and accessories

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Filling plant for CO2:
With various capacities and fittings

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Testing equipment, tools and accessories for the respiratory air workshop:
Stickers, valves, installations for testing, servicing and transportation

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